Golf Gloves Fit 39

Fit 39 Golf Gloves

Best Selling Golf GloveBest selling golf glove in Japan

Australia's leading distributor of FIT39 golf gloves with the biggest range of sizes and colours. Arguably the best all weather golf glove on the market.

The FIT39 golf glove is designed to fit almost any hand by employing a special multi-directional stretch material and seams made using a new system.

Stop Press - Over 3 million gloves sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Distinctive Golf is pleased to announce that the FIT 39 golf glove range is now available in over 50 locations and growing around Australia including House of Golf stores and leading golf clubs.

We also wish to announce that young Pro Rhys Granger continues to use the FIT39 golf glove in all his pro events and recommends the glove to all his students.In NZ leading Pro Alastair Sidford is promoting the glove at the Boulcott's Farm Golf Club in Wellington and very shortly will be available in 20 of the top 30 clubs in New Zealand.

Key features of the FIT39 golf glove:

Comes in a wide variety of 16 fashionable colours on a base black or white, sizes from SS, S, M, L and XL. The FIT 39 golf glove is available in

Made from Japanese multi- directional breathable material.

They are Non-slip, machine washable, quick drying with an Antibacterial Coating and Deodorizing. SEK certified for safety and performance.

If any of the following apply to you, the FIT39 golf glove is what you are looking for.

The FIT range of golf gloves are a very tight fitting glove and generally may be larger in fit then your current size. With this in mind refer to the image below and measure your hand if unsure as to your size of glove. Place a tape measure around the hand as shown below, the centimetre reading will indicate the appropriate glove size.

FIT 39 Golf Glove Size In cm's
SS 14-17
S 18-21
M 22-25
L 25-28
XL 27-30

*measurements are approximate